not in any particular order
can change without notice

Compound and
Drip Garden
directly within
the 3D environment

Live Status of
your Pigs, Dogs,
Pig Pen and Piggy
via Animal Farm

points, shop and
of 💧drip💧 as
a currency

Live status of
your Faucet
and Reservoir
via Drip Viewer

Multi users
Feature enabling
live interactions
between gardeners

more to come ...





WebDesigner since 2000
Photographer since 2007
In crypto since 2017
Dripper since January 2022


C# since 2015
Experience in Web, Mobile,
and Game
In crypto since 2017
Dripper since November 2021


How the representation of the plants works ?

depends on the number of plants grown that you have. Each crop represents a certain amount of plants, it’S a ratio (1:5, 1:50, 1:500 etc). for example, if you have 10 000 plants, when you will arrive in the field, you will see 40 crops. In this case, each crops represent 250 plants, plus 1 crop growing. You will find a table rules behind the field with some detail. it was the most difficult part of the project and we hope you will like it!

Is it mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes! Whilst you will make the most of the 3d environment on a desktoP computer, the website and the garden are mobile and tablet friendly. For the mobile version, we advice to use the Landscape display to have the best experience. The mobile version has a full screen option and a controller to direct the character.


is it safe to copy & paste my wallet address?

Absolutely! Our tool is read-only. We only use data calls to public BlockExplorer. We do not store neither your wallet address, nor related datas.

!! We will never ask for the private key or seed phrase of your wallet. We will never contact you directly !!

why i have to pay to use this tool?

The donation aims to cover the development and maintenance of the tool: paying for the different APIs fees to collect the data, the Web hosting and other operational fees.

5% of your donation go directly into the drip tax vault. so, at the end, all the community will get the benefices of your donations.